braidbabes virtual bootcamp will teach anyone how to braid like a pro ♡ completing bootcamp is the first step to becoming a braider at braidbabes ♡ ♡ sign up today to learn for fun or to be on your way to becoming a braidbabe ♡


there will be a facebook group congruent to this course. in the fb group you will be able to work together with the other babes to get feedback on braids.


braidbabes is all about creating consistently beautiful braids ♡ the video tutorials throughout this course will teach you the finer details to make perfect braids every time ♡ these details are what sets braidbabes' braids apart ♡ be sure to pay close attention because we will be looking for the details when it comes to grading ♡


you will be able to complete this course in a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of 16 ♡ each section title includes the number of days you will have before the next section is released ♡ the final section of the course will have 3 days to allow for you to add final submissions if needed ♡ all braid submissions are due by day 16, late submissions will not be accepted ♡


each braid that you submit in the comments will be given a grade out of 10 ♡ each braid can be submitted up to 2 times ♡ if you submit 2 braids we will keep the highest score ♡ feedback and explanation will be given with each braid score ♡ ♡

braidbabes certification

all braids must be completed and you must average a 9/10 on all braid submissions in order to receive a certificate ♡ the certification never expires so if you become certified you won't need to take bootcamp in the future ♡ ♡

interested in becoming a braider for braidbabes?

after becoming braidbabes certified you'll be eligible to be a braider at braidbabes ♡ apply at

Choose a Pricing Option


bootcamp without grading ♡

all the braids and no grades

this option is for you if you simply want to learn how to braid and do not care to become braidbabes certified ♡


bootcamp with grading

every braid will receive a grade out of 10 ♡

if you have at least a 9/10 at the end of this curse, you will be braidbabes certified ♡

this course also includes access to our bootcamp facebook page where we all work together on new braids ♡